Global Governance Foundation


Feasibility Studies

GGF prefers to undertake a feasibilty study before following up on your conceptual idea. This study will provide you with an overall view of your project and an assessment of its merits. Your project feasibility can be examined on different scales. GGF would determine in consultation with you its scope so that it meets your requirements best. In most cases we are also able to find the funding that is needed to reduce the costs for these feasibility studies.

Planning, Strategizing & Matchmaking 

Converting an idea or project into realisation can prove to be quite a challenge. However, we are there to ssist you in setting up a structured methodology so that potential investors can take a well informed decision.

GGF provides guidance in setting-up and implenting the most fitting strategy for your project funding. This often involves a combination of the chain approach, internationalisation, innovation, investment and the increasing :necessity" of providing business in a social responsible manner. We have gained many years of international experience.

GGF has build over the years a large network across the Globe in the International development sector. This network consists of: entrepreneurs/companies, NGO's, Universities, banks and investors. We can assist you with finding the right partners for your project.

Good Governance & Education 

Good governance at all levels is fundamental to economic growth, political stability, a cornerstone of democratic stability and security as well as a conditional asset for achieving sustainable development.

GGF works to tackle many aspects of weak governance and to promote full respect of the rule of law, increase transparency, and develop effective legislation as the foundation of a functioning State. 

The key to implement an effective change within a society is only possible through Education. The education of young people and adults through activities in education, training, non-violence, interculturality, solidarity, human rights, active citizenship, international cooperation, and promote services thus contributing to human and civil growth at individual, community, regional, national and international level.

Global Governance Foundation

The Global Governance Foundation is a registered Non-Profit entity in the Kingdom of Belgium - linked to a number of integrated projects: 

- African Social Development Bank Initiative - AfSDB

- Polish - Flemish Buidling Federation - PVBF

- African Development Organisation - ADO 

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